Beginners Guide to Creating Reels for Instagram

February 16, 2023

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Beginner's Guide: Creating Reels for Instagram
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As business owners, influencers, creators, and thought leaders, we are always searching for ways to get in front of our target audience and boost our engagement. 

Yes, hashtags, posting consistently, being crystal clear on the problem you solve and how you solve it are all huge game changers in the world of social media. However, there’s one type of content that has shifted the landscape of social media marketing, and whether you love it or loathe it… we don’t think this format is going anywhere anytime soon. 

When we do our weekly and monthly reports for our clients, can you guess which type of content has the most significant reach and drives more people to their page?

Yep, you guessed right. Reels. 

How To Use Reels To Boost Engagement, Attract a Broader Audience, and Stand Out on Instagram

You can use Reels to engage with your audience in so many different ways! You can educate your audience, inspire your audience, motivate them, humor them and build relationships. Using Reels is truly your time to shine, show your brand’s personality, and engage with your ideal audience. 

I tell my clients all the time – do not get so caught up on the music you are using (yes, this is important, but not worth spending hours obsessing over!) There are effective ways to see what audio is trending. More on that later. 

Here are THE most important things to know and do as you are creating your Reels on Instagram. 


This is how we coach our clients as they create Reels for their monthly content.

Get their attention.

You literally have only 3 seconds to catch your audience’s attention, or they are moving on!

Luckily, there are many ways that you can do that with Reels, such as trending audio, catchy captions, engaging intros, stunning photos, and clever transitions…get creative, have fun, and see what catches the attention of your target audience best.

Keep it short and sweet.

The algorithm loves videos that are watched all the way through. Ideally, this would mean that you should shoot for your reels to be 5-10 seconds long to keep the attention of your audience.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules depending on the purpose of your Reel. If you are creating a Reel to educate your audience you will most likely need more time. Just be sure to hook them in at the very beginning!

Pay attention to your audio.

The algorithm tends to favor trending or original audio. Using these audios typically increases your chances of more people seeing your reel, but that isn’t always the most important thing.

Yes, you want your Reel to be seen, but you want it to be seen by the RIGHT people. Your target audience. Just because audio is trending doesn’t mean that it is the best fit for your brand or your audience. Keep that in mind when choosing your audio!

Stay on brand.

Reels are the perfect opportunity to show up and show off your brand!

Whether you are educating, entertaining, or inspiring, take this chance to show off your personality and let your target audience get to know exactly who you are. It is so important to stay true to your brand and avoid trends that do not represent your brand or business. 

Building your brand and scaling your business through social media marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Our team works alongside small business owners, large companies, starts up, influencers and creatives every single day. Our mission is to help you build a trustworthy brand so you can make more money and live life on our terms. 

If you are ready to get started with leveling up your online presence with social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, email drew@lunamarketingstudio.com to get started today!

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